Sunday, July 03, 2005

what did you expect??

If one is beautiful by you
another is ugly too
When some things are good
others become evil
Favor like disgrace
only brings trouble

If things much desired
are kept undercover
disturbance ceases
in the minds of the people
and the elements
collide into peace

being and non-being create e/o
difficult and easy support one another
long and short define e/o
high and low depend on the other
before and after follow together

a wise mans policy(accordingly)
shall be to lead by emptying minds
filling cores and weakening ambitions
purpose a strudy frame & always so
keeps them desireless and uninformed

tell of the valley spirit
the everlasting sky and ancient earth
why so? for their existence is not for themself
rightfully so, they can and will live on*


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