Wednesday, July 13, 2005

picture it....rainbows made of the blackest tears

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

what doesnt exist

all my life ive heard of it
all my life ive imagined
what will it be like
who will i see
who will be there
welcoming me

imagine ill see
lights of the brightest
rainbows under shooting stars
hearing music for my heart
beats that pull the smiles across my face
lullabys that play
calming my fears

skies of familiar faces
those touched touched me
and transparent angels of light
drawing me nearas special ones reappear
cardinal smiles
they wear for me

through their illuminating radiance i can see
hard to comprehend as eternity
harder to imagine as reality
and for now imagine is what ill do
until this life is through
when finally ill see
if what ive wondered
is true

Monday, July 11, 2005

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

and so it was a fantasy....

everyday was bright and sunny
NWA played on a yellow 8-track
she could see and not be seen
laughing as ignorant people got smacked
living on the corner where the sea meets
the boulevard of broken dreams

sitting on a deck of cards she fell asleep
and in her dreams the lessons would begin
alice could be seen wandering in the realm next door
w/a few of her wonderland friends
they toked on bongs and spoke words of jah
lalala "i and i will show you the way"

in this world created by light beams
and filled with fantasy beings
fat cats took pictures of all the stupid things
that had no meaning

a caterpillar taught not to discriminate
a silly rabbit backed him up and made me realize
we all reserve the right to hallucinate
cos everyday we pay the price
w/a little sacrifice

the sun showed up
and she traveled back to being
lost in the day until the night dropped by
tonight she will roll to Oz
experience another gangstas paradise

hahaalalala...lifes bittersweet indeed

Monday, July 04, 2005

can i have your attention please.


please. youve made such an impression on me
i was seeking something
maybe a presenter of the mystery
and this wish came to me
like peter pan at my window
and gave me wings
to fly into my dreams

thats where i found you
casually became as far as i could see
and whats this
a love with such depth
beauty bliss and infinite kisses
since you answered my screams
i didnt have time or the mind
to stop.comprehend.its funny
things kept perfectly happening

tonight when i sleep
before i awake
ill be sure to place you in my tv show "dream"
its really more of a comedy
where the thoughts make the scenes
and the scenes reveal the fantasy
the place ill always love you
the place i will be waiting

Sunday, July 03, 2005

reasons she said no

shes late for believing
her faith in you is decieving
she saw you briefly
you stayed around
watched her closely

little girl all lost
all of it/she had never seen
a child rises to life
tries to be real
but cant decide

theres a state of mind
where she claims shes been left
kicking air and fighting lies
moment goes by
yet trapped in time
her thoughts reside

as i asked her sign
to me she surrendered
eyes low/she composed her request
and i was to follow her
little did i know, this is what i would be told....

"shhh listen to me
im no ordinary being
im fully equipped
with disbeliefs of what im seeing
my recipe books of resistance
guide me in pushing everyone away
so like everyother day
ill flutter my lashes
and throw glances at you
speak words so smooth
like one two
walking with you
side by side i realized
left foot right shoe
i finally found you
steppin sole mate
steppin soul mate

until i am your hearts desire
when ill ridicule you with smiles
til our end of the tea party
on the bottom of the ocean
tide breaks/current takes over
emotions left flowing
that tales already been told
everyones heart has broken before
how could i feel so low
shhhahaha i need no reasons
im lalalate for believing
and my faith in truly decieving
what did you expect??

If one is beautiful by you
another is ugly too
When some things are good
others become evil
Favor like disgrace
only brings trouble

If things much desired
are kept undercover
disturbance ceases
in the minds of the people
and the elements
collide into peace

being and non-being create e/o
difficult and easy support one another
long and short define e/o
high and low depend on the other
before and after follow together

a wise mans policy(accordingly)
shall be to lead by emptying minds
filling cores and weakening ambitions
purpose a strudy frame & always so
keeps them desireless and uninformed

tell of the valley spirit
the everlasting sky and ancient earth
why so? for their existence is not for themself
rightfully so, they can and will live on*

its the colors that blind the eye
the sounds that deafen the ear
flowers that numb the taste
thoughts that weaken the mind
and desires which wither the heart

its with faith in the way things are
you can look and it will be seen
listen and it will be heard
reach for its always in grasp

when the bodys intelligence declines
cleverness and knowledge step forth
when a country falls to chaos
patriotism is born

and in the end
when it blows its only wind
when it falls theres only rain
after the clouds pass by
the sun shines through

and it returns to its origin....
the source of everything

mama nature

she makes people forget
everything they know
and creates confusion
in those who think they know

she has yet does not posses
acts but doesnt excpect
when her work is done
she forgets

that which arises
she weclomes to come
when they disappear
she lets them go

stays behind
which is why she is ahead
detached from all things
she's one with everything

revolving around a center with no desires
she gives birth to good and evil
welcomes the saints & sinners
and presents one being, for all the people

the more you speak of her--
the less you understand*

Friday, July 01, 2005


ignorance and crime in the streets
children having nothing to eat
selfless sacrifices of many everyday
set examples that lead the way
to games of illusions the others play
might i suggest you speak your voice
not a right but a privelege
hopes to end this race
always on time in destroying truths face
please accept the seen you need is love
of love is all we need
it will turn your ignorance to understanding
free the bound and find the lost
the answers to all are lying around
waiting to be found
so the children they cannot wait
for they are already late
yet nothings worse than never
and late is better than not ever
beyond the mind and a soul transporter
there lies infinity
beyond tales of divinity
and souls seeking purity
theres still infinity
from the beginning of time
til the end of space
where every being has its place
and every space has its being
what youre seeing may very well be
the force behind everthing and
its destruction...accordingly
all thats there is infinity*

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

casino of sinners

for you i have the ultimate chance
a life of fear but much easier to blend in
colorfully animated by ignorance and droids
and a neverending projection of lies

if you prefer something other
follow me to this state of mind
where darkness finds lack of awareness in the eyes
see souls waiting in time
for secrets trying too hard to find
lifes evils disappear in sight
taking with them demons of doubt

leaves you in peaceful coexistence
a world vanished of fearful happenings
finding keys to unlock knowledge
freeing thoughts from objects of nothingness
darkness ceases .....

an array of false emotions is released
all the gates now lead to temples
simple complexs holding winds within
storms become silent
compared to lifes other variations
i like this beautiful,logical equation

it helps me with my literal interpretation of being
and the think i studied only one etymology
equalling energy in motion
evil is backwards flowing energy
its letters reflection of live

oh and i believe life is a question of energy
from apurely floing universe
an incomprehensible mystery of beauty
almost impossible to fathom
a world with no limits where i get to create my own philosophies

from natural science to astronomy
it all revolves around some laws of nature
to resist e creates polarity
begins a whirlwind of conflict
fuels a spinning world of pain
carefully constructed to manifest out of disaster

you see
dis.aster. completely disassociated are the spirit from its light

Saturday, May 14, 2005

has anybody told you
theres a sunset for you to chase
smiles are waiting to run across your face
and the clouds theyre free to ride
your imagination is patiently waiting
treasures are upon you to find
so let discovery take over your mind
the world a dream to seek
eternally keeping peace
with a mind dying to be free
two eyes trying blindly to see
mouth rarely speaks
thoughts anything but bleak
together click my heels
and i take me to a place in my time
replaying scenes like a picture show
for tha mind
a colorful faerytale twisted reality
where all seems to go right
dream a drop of distress
hhaha prince charming disposes my threats
and i fade back into equilibrium
smooth start in the leaves
shine til the dawning
the the part im left hanging in the trees
one day it wond be so hard to see
obviously! things keep unfolding
so wonderfully

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